Twin Pregnancy-25, 26 & 27 Week Recap

by Natalie on May 18, 2015


It’s been a very busy few weeks and I haven’t had much of a chance to sit down and write a re-cap.  I was so lucky to be showered with love at three different occasions over the last three weeks that all my free time has been spent writing thank you notes! And being that my current emotional state is quite fragile, I found myself crying while writing about 99% of all of the thank you’s because I was so filled with gratitude…which definitely extended the time it took to get them written 😉

I’m not going to recap the baby showers here, as I hope to do a separate post on those, so I’ll just get to the “normal stuff” with a few shower pictures thrown in.

Highlights of the Week(s):

Definitely seeing friends and family at the baby showers.  My mom flew in and we drove to Kansas which was an insane amount of fun.  We realize we have never done a road trip together in the past and I’m already looking forward to our next.  Believe it or not (okay, if you know both of us I’m sure you can believe it) we chatted the entire way there AND back.  That’s like 18+ hours of solid talking!

Our first stop was the airport to pick up my sister.  I haven’t seen her since Thanksgiving and we were both teary messes!


The next morning we picked up my Aunt and the rest of the weekend was a blur of laughter, tears, and catching up!


In about 48-hours time I saw lots of friends-some that I hadn’t seen in years-and most of Colin’s extended family.  I spent Sunday afternoon visiting his grandparents on both sides which was really, really nice.

The time went so quickly.  If I could do it all over again, I would in a heartbeat.


On May 9th we celebrated Fitness in the City’s 2nd Birthday party, which was a blast!  I’ve been there just about two years too and spent a lot of time catching up with members.  I taught a 30-minute circuit class as part of the festivities, which was fun.


Last weekend my best friend from high school threw me a really nice shower/brunch here for friends and it was perfect!  It was a gorgeous day out and we spent the morning drinking mimosas (them), eating delicious food, and chatting.


Other highlights of the week include getting the dresser finished and starting to set up the nursery.  I’ll post pictures when it’s all done but it felt like a huge feat for us over here.


My workouts have definitely struggled a bit over the past few weeks with traveling and then picking up a cold that hung around for a week.  I did get in quite a few walks and about 6 barre classes over the past three weeks.  Last Wednesday I hopped into a class at Fitness in the City and it felt so good to workout, even if most of it was just body weight!

I’m definitely feeling more energy this week so I hope to get in some solid workouts.


My appetite isn’t too strong but I’ve been eating a TON of berries (as you can tell!).

IMG_1958[Overnight Oats + Berries]

IMG_1937[Grilled Cheese+Roasted Brussels Sprouts+Berries]

IMG_1986[Cereal+Greek Yogurt+Berries]

I’ve also been enjoying more mini-meals throughout the day, like this:



Over the last few weeks I’ve done a poor job meal planning for dinners, but we’re back on track this week!  I have to admit that we picked up hot bar from Whole Foods a few too many times the beginning of May 😉

Looking Forward To:

This is my last week of teaching classes on a regular schedule at Fitness in the City.  It’s definitely bittersweet because I’ll miss seeing everyone, but I’ve been struggling with swollen ankles and feet by the end of the day, so knowing I will be able to rest after work with my feet up sounds SO good!  I hope to sub some classes here and there throughout June, but it will be a welcome break.

This weekend we have friends coming for Memorial Day and then Amber is coming to stay for a few days…  it’s going to be a social weekend and I can’t wait!


I don’t really have week 25 and 26 pics to share, but I do have a 27-week shot for ya!



Twin Pregnancy-24 Week Recap

by Natalie on April 26, 2015


I hope you had a lovely week.

I don’t feel like there’s a ton to recap over the last week, so I’ll make this short but sweet 😀

Highlights of the Week:

I spent some quality time with two of my close friends-both individually and then the three of us hung out.  It was so great to just catch up and laugh!  On Wednesday evening the boys I used to do drylands training with had one of their final swim meets of the season.  I convinced my friend to go with me (she’s friends with the coach) and we had a great time.  They pulled out a team victory by a hair-so exciting!

On Friday evening, another friend and I went for pedicures.  She and her husband jetted off to Mexico  today, and I took advantage of the opportunity to join her (mostly for the foot rub!).  We were there for nearly two hours and probably could have chatted for another two.  From there, we met a group of friends for dinner.  I ended up just staying for a drink and some appetizers because I’d been up since 4:45am (I taught the 6am class), but it was still a great evening.

In baby world, both babies are moving and kicking like crazy.  Colin’s able to feel the kicks too, which is really fun!  We go every nearly weekly for ultrasounds these days to monitor their growth and development, and I feel so lucky to get to see them that often.


I got in five barre classes this week and three 30-minute walks.  I also taught (coached) seven classes total, so was on my feet a lot!  Tuesday was a doozy…I taught a double and it ended up being a 7:00AM-7:00PM day, so I was careful to really watch myself the rest of the week and take things easy.

My month membership to the barre studio is coming to an end on Tuesday, so I will do a full recap of the studio and my thoughts here in the future.  I do have to say that I plan to keep going…I just love it!


I’ve been totally into wraps this week and had some type of egg wrap nearly every day for breakfast.  They’re an easy way balance combine protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats!

IMG_1931[2 Scrambled Eggs + Leftover Beans + Kiwi]

IMG_1933[2 Eggs + Sautéed Veggies + Mozzarella + Strawberries]

I’ve also had this protein smoothie I think every day last week.  It tastes like a Reese’s PB cup and is the consistency of a Frosty.  I kid you not, it is so delicious!

IMG_1932In the mix:
·1 cup almond milk
·1 serving chocolate protein powder
·1 frozen banana
·1 heaping tbsp. peanut butter
·4 ice cubes

For dinners this week, we mostly ate turkey tostadas.  I had grand plans to do black bean burgers as our other meal, but we ended up having enough ingredients that this fed us most of the week!  This picture doesn’t do them justice but they turned out so well.  I just sautéed an onion and red bell pepper with ground turkey then added a bunch of spices (cumin, chili powder, oregano, garlic, salt, pepper) and let it simmer with about 2 tbsp. of water.  For the shells, I misted corn tortillas with olive oil and baked at 450 for about 15-20 minutes (flipping occasionally), until they were brown.  We topped ours with refried beans, the turkey mixture, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese.  The photo doesn’t do these justice…they’re really good!


Looking Forward To:

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m really excited that my mom’s coming on Tuesday and we’re headed back home for baby shower weekend!  I can’t wait to see friends and family who I haven’t seen in quite a long time.

I’m also looking forward to May.  My birthday is on the 7th, we have our big 2-year anniversary party at Fitness in the City on May 9th, and friends and family are coming to visit two different weekends during the month.  I have a feeling time is going to fly by!


I’ll leave you with a current pic, although it’s not the best one!  I was dressed up with my hair down yesterday but we totally forgot to snap a picture.  Today it’s been raining all day, so I’m definitely sporting a frizzy pony and some tired eyes.  Oh well, you get the idea 😉


Have a great week!

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Twin Pregnancy-22 & 23 Week Recap

by Natalie on April 19, 2015

Hey, hey!

These last few weeks have been nutty, hence my missing last week’s recap.  I’m going to combine both weeks into one post, but I promise I’ll just hit the highlights so it’s not overwhelmingly long 😉

Highlights of the Week:

Since I last posted, time has flown by!  I had a few really busy work weeks with Cycle360 training last weekend and Les Mills Launch week this week.  I’m also working to get as many evaluations done as possible before I am done working in this role and I’ve had a ton of emergency sub coverage needs for classes.

Last weekend Colin and I did a bunch of stuff around the house:  cleaning out closets, getting the nursery organized, and working in the yard.  On Friday I met up with my good friend for a long walk and chat which was much needed!  Cycle360 training was all Saturday afternoon and was a blast.  Basically, it’s like SoulCycle, which is an indoor cycling/group fitness “experience”.  It combines traditional fitness cycling with light upper body weights.  I won’t be teaching this class till late next fall (at the earliest!) but I’m excited to launch it at our gym here soon.

On Sunday I had my first experience painting furniture!  My mom and dad bought us a gorgeous dresser for the nursery and I’m painting it yellow.  The drawers don’t come out, so it was a bit of a challenge getting it all sanded and the first coat on.  I love the color and will paint the second coat this weekend-I think it’ll need at least three coats, so it’ll keep me busy for the next few weeks.

This past Saturday I met my girlfriend for barre and brunch, stopped by the birthday party of an adorable two year-old, and had a fantastic date night with my love!  Colin and I had dinner at Ocean Prime and then saw Motown the Musical.  The music and performance were incredible!  I blame pregnancy hormones but I was super teary through most a bunch of it.  The music reminded me of my childhood (lots of Stevie Wonder played in our house) and the actors and musicians were so talented.  We were both blown away!


Throughout the week I also had long phone chats with three of my closest girlfriends, which definitely makes the ‘highlights’ list.  AND…one of my friends from the gym showed up with a bag of the most adorable things:


It was such a sweet surprise.

Woah!  That’s a lot of highlights :)


I’ve still been able to enjoy almost daily workouts.  While my intensity is much lower, my consistency has definitely made a difference in how I feel mentally and physically.  Here’s how the last two weeks turned out:

Monday-Barre Class + 30-minute Walk
Tuesday-Barre Class + 45-minute Walk
Wednesday-Barre Class + 30-minute Walk
Thursday-BodyPump Evaluation + BodyCombat Class
Friday-Barre Class + 90-minute Walk
Saturday-Cycle360 Training
Sunday-Barre Class

Monday-Barre Class + 30-minute Walk
Tuesday-75-minute Walk
Wednesday-Barre Class + 30-minute Walk
Thursday-Barre Class
Friday-30-minute Walk
Saturday-Barre Class + 30-min Walk


I’ve been feeling pretty nauseated again over the past five or so days, but I’ve still been able to eat some good food!  I haven’t had any real cravings or aversions, but have been drinking a lot of protein shakes and smoothies and eating lots of salads and wraps.


[Almond Milk+Protein Powder+1/2 Banana+Spinach+Cinnamon+Ice]


[Roasted Chicken+Avocado+Tomato+Lettuce]

I picked up this granola the other week-it’s delicious!  It has a generous serving size (1/3 cup) and only has 3g of sugar per serving, so it’s not super sweet.



[Berries+Greek Yogurt+Granola]

I made some roasted lemon dijon salmon during the week and had one serving for dinner than the leftovers in salad form.  It turned out so well!


The highlight was definitely our Saturday night dinner.  I got crab cakes and Colin and I split roasted brussels sprouts.  We both could only finish half of our meals, so we will get to eat it again tonight!


Looking Forward To:

I’m really excited to continue getting the nursery together.  I have all the wall decorations and once I finish painting the dresser we’ll put together the crib(s)–> we plan to keep the twins in the same crib for the first few months or until one starts rolling over.  Apparently they sleep better that way!

My mom is coming in 10-days and we’re heading back home for two different baby showers.  I can’t wait to see friends and family…I’m just so excited!  We are road-tripping because when we were making plans I was so sick that I couldn’t bear the thought of flying.  We’re going to break up the trip a bit and see some friends along the way, too.  I will also see my sister in about two weeks (I haven’t seen her since Thanksgiving!) and my Aunt is flying in for the shower…who I haven’t seen in almost two years.  Many upcoming reunions!

Okay…I think that does it!

Here I am at 23-weeks:


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