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by Natalie on August 16, 2011

Hi there!

So, one of my clients sent me a link to this cheat sheet that I thought gave some sound advice (thanks, Jami!).  It takes the “guessing game” out of pre and post-workout nutrition and is colorful too 😀



Today started bright and early with a run with Lauren.  We did our 6-mile loop in the cool 70° and it was glorious!

I headed home to take a phone meeting with my boss.  For the past few weeks I’d been staying at the gym, but it can get SO loud in there that I opted to bring all my notes home and go from there.  After a quick walk with the dog and a shower, I ventured back to the gym for a full day of work.

With a pause for a quick weights session.

My lifting partner and I met up for an upper-body focused circuit.  It was a toughie (but goodie).

12 Trainer Burpees w/ 10# dumbbells
12 1-leg partner squats and lunges (each)
15 overhead tricep extensions w/ 27.5# dumbbell
15 bicep curs w/ 15# dumbbells
12 side plank dips w/ feet elevated (each)
10 (each) palms forward and back lateral raises w/ 10# dumbbells
repeat circuit three times

After lifting and doing some work, I met Amber for a lunch date meeting.  I had a bowl of minestrone soup and a big salad from the health foods store.  SOOO good!

This afternoon flew by with work and the evening was booked with clients.  By the time I got home I felt so grateful to have leftovers to eat!  Ready in 2-minutes flat, too…gotta love that 😉

The black bean burgers were spicier and more flavorful than yesterday.

I’m off to enjoy some time with my hubby and dog!  I’m taping for BodyPump tomorrow early morning, so I need to hurry these buns to bed.

See ya tomorrow…

Think about what you will eat before and after your workout to ensure enough energy to support your activity and plenty of nutrients to replenish your system.  This will help enhance not just today’s workout, but tomorrow’s too!

Question:  Do you think about nutrition as it relates to fueling your body for activity?

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