Twin Pregnancy-Weeks 28 & 29 Recap

by Natalie on May 31, 2015

Hi there!

I hope you’ve had a good couple of weeks.  I may combine two weeks’ worth of recaps into one post from here on out because there doesn’t seem like that much to share on a weekly basis, but we’ll see.

This past week was my first week not teaching any classes in years, and in all honesty it was really tough.  I love what I do and guess I didn’t realize just how much joy I get from the interaction, high-fives, and sweaty hugs I experience on a daily basis.  I’m already excited to get back to teaching eventually!

Highlights of the Week(s):

Visitors!  We had two “sets” of guests come stay with us over Memorial Day weekend and it was a blast.  We had a quick 48-hours with the first crew and had a great time.  They even accompanied Colin to my last scheduled class at Fitness in the City 🙂


I had a smaller group than usual because of the holiday weekend but it was still a really good one.  I will sub a few classes in June but I can tell it’s definitely time as I’m feeling totally wiped out when I finish teaching.


On Monday, our first set of guests left and tears were shed…and I picked Amber up for a short visit.  She came in the afternoon and we spent the evening grilling and chatting.  It was great!  I took Tuesday off of work and we did a long walk, some shopping, some lunching, and talking galore.  As fate had it, we left for the airport with about 2 1/2 hours before her flight (we live about 30 minutes from the airport) and it was bumper to bumper traffic all the way.  It ended up taking more than 2-hours to go 15 miles.  Crazy!  Well, she missed her flight but was able to book on the same flight the next day so we got another entire day to spend together 🙂  Even after an additional 24-hours we were both crying messes at the airport saying our goodbyes.  She’s planning to come out after the girls are born to help out and stay for a while, so we’ll get to see each other in a few months!


I got quite a bit of structured and unstructured working out over the past two weeks.  I did four barre classes, two water aerobics classes, two cycle evaluations, a few strength workouts (see below), and lots of walks.

Yesterday Colin and I ventured to Fitness in the City to take class because my good friend was teaching, and it was great!  I could pretty much do everything prescribed, just with lighter weight, and it felt SO good to sweat.

Last weekend I headed to our basement and knocked out this workout, which ended up being awesome!  I just kind of threw it together and think it would be really tough if you the walk was a run.

 Full-Body Cardio/Strength Workout

Walk (or Run) 1-mile

Repeat exercises A and B back-to back without rest before moving to the next.

1A.  18 Pushups
1B.  20 Squats (w/ or w/o weight)

Walk (or Run) .25 miles

2A.  20 Band Rows
2B.  12 Gliding Reverse Lunges (each leg)

Walk or Run .25 miles

3A.  20 Tricep Dips
3B.  18 Kettlebell Deadlifts (I used 12kg)

Walk or Run .25 miles

4A.  18 Dumbbell Bicep Curls (I used 10# dumbbells)
4B.  25 Gliding Knee Strikes from Low Lunge (each leg)

Walk or Run .25 miles

5A.  15 Lateral Raises (I used 8# dumbbells)
5B.  25 Lateral Band Walks w/ Black Band (w/ or w/o weight)

This was a really well-rounded workout and I loved the cardio intervals!  We’re lucky to have a treadmill in our basement and a bunch of equipment because I imagine there will be quite a few “at-home” workouts in my future.


I haven’t had a huge appetite over the last few weeks and I’m excited for when food tastes great again!  I randomly bought some sprouted bagels, though, and have enjoyed them a few different ways:

IMG_1995[Hummus+Pickles+Quinoa Chicken Salad]

IMG_2005[Heated Deli Turkey+Avocado+Veggies]

I had the urge to cook one evening and we didn’t have a lot to work with, but I ended up whipping up a pretty delicious meal.  There’s a cheesy sauce on the pasta made from nutritional yeast, almond milk, and spices that came out really well!  I’m going to try to make it again and tweak a few things, then will share the recipe.  Colin loved it too!

IMG_2007[Sautéed Veggies + Brown Rice Pasta with “Cheese” Sauce]

And now that it’s getting a little warmer, smoothies are in full effect.  I’ve been having one a day and have been cramming it with kale, chia seeds, frozen fruit, and protein.  This one was particularly delicious!


[Almond Milk+Chia+Hemp Seeds+Frozen Banana+Frozen Cherries+Cacao+Kale]

And lots and lots of veggies and hummus!


Looking Forward To:

We almost have the nursery finished…just need to hang a few pictures and get a rug!  I love how it’s coming together and will share pictures when it’s completely done.  My boss is throwing me a work baby shower this Friday which was a complete surprise, and I’m excited to hang out with many of the group fitness instructors outside of the gym.  June will be a busy month as we have quite a few friends and family coming to visit and will hopefully enjoy a few date nights before the girls come.  I have one more instructor evaluation (tomorrow at 5:45AM) and then I’m DONE!  I hope to keep working through June, but it’s nice to have something so big checked off.

And I think that sums it all up 😀

Here I am at 28-weeks (looking a little tired…):


Here I am at 29-weeks:


Have a great week!

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