Twin Pregnancy-35 Week Recap

by Natalie on July 13, 2015

Hey, hey!

This is my last official recap as we are scheduled to meet the girls this Thursday.  Crazy! Since the girls are measuring a bit small, the neonatologist and my OB think it’s better to induce early than try to go to term (which would be 37-weeks for our type of twins). We are expecting them to be little and may face some NICU time, but we have been preparing ourselves for this the whole time.  Send lots of positive thoughts our way on Thursday, if you don’t mind 🙂

Highlights of the Week:

Friday was my last day of work!  It was definitely weird saying goodbye and there were some tears shed, for sure.  It was a really awful week (i.e. broken mic, stereos, no-show instructors) but by the end of the week I feel like all loose ends were tied up, which felt good.

Colin and I spent the weekend getting things ready and enjoying the last weekend as a duo.  It was nice and relaxing!  Yesterday I met my girlfriends for an afternoon at the pool, which was much needed and a blast. We brought a picnic lunch and chatted and laughed the day away!


Walks!  I actually got in quite a few walks this week, along with trying to move as much as possible at work.  I plan to do some upper body weights in the basement today and Wednesday (hopefully) and will walk as much as possible.  I’m really looking forward to getting back into a workout routine!


My appetite has been minimal but I’m trying to eat a solid combination of protein and carbs every few hours to make sure my blood sugar doesn’t drop.  I’ve been drinking a lot of smoothies, loving peaches and plums, and crackers and hummus.

IMG_2108[Buckwheat Pancake+Almond Butter+Mashed Peach]


[Protein Smoothie]

I picked up this packet of protein and used it in a basic recipe (almond milk, protein, banana, spinach) and it was delicious!  It might be my favorite plant-based protein powder I’ve ever tried.


Pretty good nutrition stats too:



[Snack Plate:  Veggies+Plum+Cheese+Crackers]

Looking Forward To:

Meeting our daughters!  It feels so very surreal.  Also, getting to see family.  My parents come on Wednesday and Colin’s parents arrive on Friday and over the next week or so we will get to see Colin’s brother/sister-in-law and my sister!


The silly other things I’m looking forward to once the babies arrive:  high-intensity workouts, eating sushi, having a margarita, sleeping on my tummy, and having “normal” sized ankles and feet again 😀

I am already feeling nostalgic about missing some things about pregnancy:  the kicks and movement, hiccups, watching my body change and grow, and wondering/daydreaming about what life will be like with these little girls!

Here I am at 35-Weeks:



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Melissa Cunningham July 13, 2015 at 6:33 pm

Oh wow!!!!!!
3 more days until you meet your babies!!!!!!
I will be keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers! I do hope all goes well with delivery and there will be minimal time in the NICU. you have done a WONDERFUL job staying healthy and in shape during your pregnancy-which will make for a faster recovery and shorter road to getting back to pre pregnancy shape.
Do try to enjoy these last few days with your husband and family. While becoming a parent changes your life forever, get ready for the most amazing, rewarding, incredible, crazy ,beautiful,hardest adventure of a lifetime!!!!!!!

keep us posted here in blogland about how the sweet baby girls are doing once they arrive-cant wait to see pics!!!!!
sending warm hugs,postive vibes and prayers your way!!!!!!!
you got this!!!!!!!!!


Natalie @ The Ravenous Mommy July 14, 2015 at 10:33 am

How exciting!!! Sending lots of positive thoughts your way 🙂


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